Cash Cows Club NFTs

About Cash Cows Club

We started as a free mint … As an experiment about sharing wealth with every Cow holder. We have now evolved and aim to be the next upcoming blue chip alpha NFT club.

  • Hold 2 Earn: Real crypto & $MILK
  • Play 2 Mint: More NFTs the more you play
  • CC0 Personal & Commercial Rights
  • Zero Listing Fees
  • Open Source
  • 100% on-chain

Community Achievements

The Herd Effort. Members earn ETH per marketplace sale. We Win Together.


Cash Cows Game

Designed for the Tycoon in mind. Earn $MILK, get LOOT, choose a Hustle, buy a Crib, brag to your friends.


What is CC0?

This means there is no copyright. You can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

What is the utility?

Creator fees are given to Cow holders evenly As rewards for passively staking. The rest of the utility will be found on the smart contracts. We will be dropping hints along the way and it is up to you to discover them all.

How do I stake and earn rewards?

Rewards are passively earned, meaning you only need to hold the Cows.

How can I redeem my rewards?

Current holders of Cash Cows can redeem their reward in the treasury or directly from the contract.

If I sell my Cows can I still redeem?

Once you sell your Cow you no longer have the rights to redeem its rewards (it passes to the new owner).

What do I need to know before owning a Cow?

Rewards are driven by sales volume. No volume means no rewards.

How do you fund this project?

We fund this project through the rewards earned by holding Cows like everyone else. The community milestones measure the funding needed to activate the other utilities of the project.

Can I see the contracts?

In the contracts page.